PC Pointer vs. Mouse: Which One Should You Use?

In the consulting industry, there’s a debate about using a mouse when working with a laptop. Some argue that you should avoid the mouse and use the touchpad or pointer instead. Additionally, there’s a recommendation to rely on keyboard shortcuts rather than clicking through menus in applications like Word or Excel.

This argument does have its merits, especially when it comes to keyboard shortcuts. Using shortcuts for common tasks can significantly boost your productivity. It’s far more efficient than moving the mouse to navigate menus and perform actions step by step.

On the other hand, there’s skepticism about the idea that you should use the pointer exclusively for all tasks. Consultants often work in various locations, from their offices to client sites and third-party spaces. The availability of a mouse isn’t guaranteed everywhere, and reconfiguring it each time you change locations can be a hassle.

However, when it comes to tasks like fine-tuning PowerPoint or Excel presentations or performing subtle screen scrolling, using a mouse often feels like the most precise and comfortable option. It’s a matter of personal preference and familiarity. Yet, even when someone suggests a particular approach, it’s essential to maintain a critical perspective.

Adopt what works well from the advice but be cautious about aspects that raise doubts. A balanced approach is crucial. Not every task has a one-size-fits-all solution. Ultimately, it’s necessary to analyze your work thoroughly, adapt to individual styles and preferences, and find the best way to perform tasks effectively.

Always keep an eye out for more efficient methods, adapt to changes in app settings or hardware, and be responsive to shifts in your office environment. The attitude of continually searching for better methods and striving for self-improvement is the key to success. Blindly adhering to a single approach is not the path for a consultant aiming to excel.